So you want a strong team?
So you want smooth project running?
So you want a strong vision and something to believe in?
So you want to deal and work with Change and not against change?


A smart and thought-out Team Building can really do the job…Yes It Can!

We get asked many times – “When is the best time for a Team Building”?

The answer is actually quite simple – “It is the first and second Quarter of the year”!

Fact is – you want and need the Team Building to strengthen the production, upscale the budget, deactivate rumors and assumptions and be strong and resilient and supportive to change. You want and need and crave this time with you team and your leadership.

So please understand that – Team Building at the end of the year – “Because we have some budget left to spend” – serves as a “thank you” for the team, an incentive for good work. It does NOT serve as a vehicle into the coming year.

The first and second Quarter of a year brings the greatest benefit since our inner clocks run according to the Xmas and New Year break, no need to challenge this… A new year means a new opportunity, a change, a new path…

That means – we do set new goals and new standards and we search for the needed break telling ourselves…next year…I will get too it.

As a Leader (people manager) you continuously need to understand the Team mechanism, the system, the professionals behind it, you want to reset the vision, engage the team members and use the power of a Team Building to set direction, motivate actions and work out the “Start, Stop and Continue” process.

As a Team member, you want to redefine the path, rebuild the passion and also reset perceptions to decrease assumptions.

Team Building in the first and second Quarter serves as a lasting experience that lasts throughout the year.

And one last tip:

Team Building should include an activity that pulls you right out of the comfort zone. Don’t question it – do it !


See ya all out there,